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Alex Parkes is the future talent strategist at AIA, the global leader in talent acquisition technologies and Alex sits at the heart of that helping client’s plan and execute recruitment marketing campaigns.

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“As you are being served up different experiences it’s reading your mind waves and building a profile of the sort of mindset you are”

“We have to work harder to give them [young people] something of value so that they’ll listen or … naturally, build an infinity”

“females are more likely to fall out of an application process, due to a lack of confidence”

In addition, we’ll be¬†talking everything tech from VR and chatbots to WhatsApp, gamification and google jobs with the common theme of the candidate journey tying it all together. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Please bear with us for the first 4 minutes as we forgot to turn off the air-conditioning. As you can see we’re still learning the technical side. We promise it gets easier to hear after that!

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