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This Ben Schwenke, a psychologist and an expert in the science of early careers assessment. His background is grounded in both academic achievement and practical application in the real world.


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“General cognitive ability is the strongest predictor of performance”

“Myers Briggs weren’t psychologists… you could just use horoscopes!”

“Either of you ever seen Moneyball? One of the best films that’s ever been made, it’s up there with Jurassic Park and The Lion King”

Ben has juggled his academic endeavours with the practical application of tests in early recruitment. Over the last six years, Ben has been the lead psychologist at Test Partnership following his degree and MA in the field of psychology and occupational psychology. 

Listen to his take on testing and how it can make you more effective as a recruiter. He also reveals his views on whether the assessment process is a science or an art.

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