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Jack & Ollie | Series 4 Round Up

The series four round-up. In this episode, we run through the different shows and give you an overview of each episode, a great way to get a round-up of all the shows in a digestible way.  Listen to more from Jack & Ollie

Teresa Frith | Colleges: The Final Frontier

Teresa is the Senior Skills Policy Manager at the Association of Colleges. Teresa has spent many years working in college career services and now at the body that represents 90% of all colleges in the UK. We spoke about how and why employers can work with colleges and...

Sir John Holman | The Gatsby Benchmarks

Sir John Holman, the chemistry teacher who ended up changing careers advice in schools and colleges forever. In this special episode we spent time with Sir John Holman, the President of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Emeritus Professor in the Chemistry Department,...