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Chris Hale | The future of universities

Chris Hale, the Director of Policy at Universities UK - the representative body of universities in the UK came to talk to us about current changes in the space and what that might mean for the future of the sector. Listen to more from Jack & Ollie

Chris Bishop | How to succeed at jobs that don’t exist yet?

Christopher Bishop is a technology futurist, TEDx speaker, LinkedIn Learning instructor, and freelance consultant. Based on his own nonlinear, multimodal career path - eight so far - he provides insight on to prepare your students for jobs that don't exist yet.  If...

Peter Crisp and Ceri Evans | Graduate Apprenticeships in Law

The graduate apprenticeship will very shortly be a reality in the legal sector. We spoke to Peter Crisp, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of Law and Ceri Evans, the National Programme Director at the University of Law to explore how it has come to be and what...