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Dave and Rowena from TMP Worldwide are full of early career expertise and they came on the show to share some insights with us in regards to degree apprenticeships from their latest research. The research collected more than 10,000 data points and give us some new perspectives about degree apprenticeships.  


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“Most degree apprentices are white”
“Have the conversation with the business what being a graduate means”
“If you run a Degree Apprenticeship, you’re 7% more likely to reduce your graduate intake”

Dave and Rowena work for TMP Worldwide an awarding winning agency and one of the UK’s leading marketing agencies for early careers branding and attraction recruitment campaigns. If you would like to find out more about the agency you can visit the website

*Correction. Jack mentions an overspend of the apprenticeship levy by £5 billion, it is actually estimated at £0.5 billion.

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