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Dr Paul Redmond has a rich and long history in the world of work, early careers and the university experience. Working across a whole range of topics from generation differences in the workplace to the future world of work. This episode is great for anyone who wants to start to prepare for the future of work now, whether you’re looking at things from the point of view of an employer or a university.


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“About 50 years ago, there were only about 30 graduate jobs available, now I’ve got 30 different job roles in the careers service”

“Last year, about 30% of the jobs that graduates went into didn’t exist 10 years ago”

“The challenge for our students¬†is to not only be employed but stay employable”

We consider the challenges of today’s students and what that means for universities in terms of teaching employability and for employers in terms of what to expect from the candidates of the future.

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